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start - Open Source Designs for Aquarium Applications

Welcome! You've reached the home of the ElectroPora community. Electropora is a play on the genus-name Acropora, the branching stony corals of many tropical reefs. Here you will resources for the construction of DIY automation equipment, developed in an open fashion usable by experienced hobbyists, for the control and monitoring of aquariums (both saltwater and freshwater).


These projects are developed by the main team behind Electropora.



About the site and contact information

This is a Wiki, allowing anyone to edit the pages to provide more details and enhance the available documentation. Please be courteous. You don't need an account to edit, just fill out the Captcha to prove you're not a zombie spam bot.

If you have comments to leave, please add them to the appropriate discussion pages. If a page doesn't have a discussion section, you can add one by following the instructions on this page. You can also contact Yann directly via e-mail at atrus [at] stackworks [dot] net

Mailing List / Group

You can subscribe to the e-mail discussion list at This list is for announcements and discussions.

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